How A Quaint London Holiday Revealed A Stunning House of Horrors

I love this article…bringing the modern and the past together.

The Raven Report

“I remember as I gazed down at the still form of my first victim, experiencing a strange, peaceful thrill.” -John Christie


Having spent the recent holiday in London, I am reminded how its dark and curious history is never very far from view. From Highgate to Dorset Street, one would be hard-pressed to find a plot of land within the city limits where someone hasn’t been killed, raped, or molested at some point in the past one thousand years. For many people, this realization may be appalling, for others intriguing—but for the rare few (cough, me, cough), it can be downright thrilling.


So, imagine my delight when I discovered I had been renting a flat in Notting Hill and sleeping right next door to the city’s original maison macabre, a location so steeped in horror and madness it was dubbed “the most notorious address in London” in the 1950’s and literally razed to…

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