Freedom At All Cost: Remembering History’s Greatest Slave Rebellion

another great one from the raven!

The Raven Report

“The time is always right to do what is right.”
-Dr. Martin Luther King


There is nothing more stirring to the blood than the quest for freedom, especially as it lies in the desperate hearts of those who have suffered the brutal lash of slavery. And sometime—in fact, much of the time—the right to freedom is begrudgingly returned only when those in power are threatened. Freedom is not something you can ask for, it’s something you have to demand, even if that means wresting it violently from the grip of a hateful, ignorant society. History is rife with stories of mass enslavement, kings who built entire empires on the scarred backs of the oppressed, and the bloody slave rebellions that tried to right the scales of justice.


The precious token of freedom has played a pivotal role in many battles, but none so poignant, so immediate, as the uprising of those…

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