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Facebook’s Israel Problem – The Daily Beast

A dispute over Facebook’s geography settings has riled Israeli settlers and spurred a Syrian boycott of the site. Benjamin Sarlin on the latest skirmish in an online Mideast proxy war.

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Publishers Like Time Inc.

Publishers Like Time Inc.’s “Hulu for Magazines” Pitch. What Will Apple and Amazon Say?

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Why Dumb Toys Make Kids Smarter – The Daily Beast

We didn’t want our son to have Pokemon cards-until they began turning him into a human computer. NurtureShock author Po Bronson on games that increase children’s brain power 100-fold.

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Photobucket Founders On To Their Next Startup: SlimeSandwich

Photobucket Founders On To Their Next Startup: SlimeSandwich.

Not what I would have expected from the guys who started Photobucket. Oh wait…yes it is.

First Post

Not sure what made me do it…maybe the fact that my wife Jen is trying one…but the time has gone to blog/twitter/facebook…get with the web 2.0 crowd. Even though I make my living from it, i have never had one place that aggregated everything in one place.

Well, this is it. Jason’s Shulman.